Dana Harris // Founder – Nashville, TN

Victoria Goodwin // Founder – Editor – Chattanooga, TN

John Morrow // Media Coordinator – Photographer – Atlanta, GA


Corinne Kim – Photographer – Atlanta, GA
Angel Escobar – Photographer – Atlanta, GA
Dena Schaeffer – Photographer – Dayton, OH
Beth Smith – Photographer – UK
Trent Millspaugh – Photographer –  Nashville, TN
Emily Gainous – Photographer – Milledgeville, GA
Madison Magnus – Photographer – Atlanta, GA
Mansoor Syed – Writer – Atlanta, GA
Kristina Balboa – Writer – Chicago, IL
Tatum Smith – Writer – Atlanta, GA
Delanee Wilson – Writer – Atlanta, GA
Omar Velasquez – Writer – CA


Contributing Writers:
Nissa Lomax, Amy Hana, Jane Seidel, Jessica Massey, Jessie Hayes, Megan Higgins, Emilee Aldridge, Kristina Balboa, Mansoor Syed, Kaitlin Marrow, Cole Winkler, Kyra Posey, Dena Scheffer, Devon McQuillan, Taylor Libby

Contributing Photographers:
Maryam Tunio, Kelly Osment, David Ray, Sofia Nicolet, Laura Roberts, Catherine Connell, Dena Scheffer, Beth Smith, Amanda Langley, Madison Sharp, John Morrow, Christina Casillo

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