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LIVE PHOTOS: Judah & the Lion // Athens, Georgia

By Emily Gainous

Judah & the Lion stopped at the Georgia Theatre in Athens, Georgia for two nights on their Going to Mars headlining tour. The band expressed numerous times during the show that they feel a special connection with Athens, a college town that has accumulated a huge music scene. While the small venue was packed, Judah & the Lion was still able to put on an intimate and personal show.

The band is from Nashville and have blown up in the past two years after touring with Twenty One Pilots. They have since been performing at multiple music festivals, including Music Midtown which was their last show in Georgia before their visit to Athens. They are currently on their own headlining tour and will return to Georgia again in April for a show in Atlanta.

Judah & the Lion does not fit into one singular genre. Their sound is an interesting mixture of folk, rock, hip-hop, and pop and that makes them truly unique and entertaining. Their live shows resemble their originality as they put on an upbeat and exciting performance. Frontman, Judah Akers, engages the crowd and also encourages everyone to dance, let lose, and express themselves through dance.

There is no show like a Judah & the Lion show. The band has the most amazing and captivating energy as well as a great connection with their fans. It is definitely an experience. I definitely recommend going to one of their shows at these small, intimate venues before they get larger because they are accumulating more fans everyday.

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