LIVE PHOTOS // Pedro the Lion // Birmingham, AL (2/17/18)

Pedro the Lion landed at Saturn in Birmingham, AL on their reunion tour last week, performing to a packed and passionate crowd. Resurrected after a twelve year absence, David Bazan and his backing band of guitarist Erik Walters and drummer Sean Lane blasted through a set that spanned across Bazan’s entire discography. Bazan has stated in interviews that the decision to reunite Pedro came from his desire to play in a band again, and you could feel the joy between the musicians that came from playing these songs live after a long hiatus. The fans were happy to be there, too — Pedro the Lion means so much to so many people like myself who have struggled with their faith and identity in a small town, and for a while it seemed as if all hope was lost to see David Bazan perform these songs again. However, they returned to the stage as if they had never left, cranking through songs like “Options” and “Indian Summer” as perfectly as any fan could ask for. The thought of a new Pedro album is enticing to any fan, but for a moment, Saturn felt the wistful nostalgia that comes with hearing a beloved band who only got better with age. Check out a gallery of Pedro the Lion’s set below:

Listen to Pedro the Lion on Spotify here.

Find more information on Pedro the Lion at their website.

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