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LIVE PHOTOS// 투포케이(24K) // Buckhead Theatre: Atlanta, GA // February 22, 2018

By: Angel Escobar

This past Thursday Korean boy group 24K brought their ” Still with 24U” world tour to the Buckhead Theatre in Atlanta, GA.

With doors opening at 7PM, there was a line of eager fans waiting to see the six members: Cory, Kisu, Jeonguk, Changsun, Jinhong, and Hongseob. Once it was time, fans rushed in and ran to their seats. As everyone waited for the show to start, several sang and danced along the Kpop hits that were played throughout the venue’s speakers.

As the lights dimmed, a video flashed with the words 24K and the crowd went wild. As music started, several flashing clips of the group began to show. The crowd cheered in excitement as they waited for the Kpop idols to take the stage. Starting off the night with a bang, 24K took the stage with their hit “Bingo.” The crowd sang and danced along with the group. The stage presence of the group was unreal: killing it with very difficult choreography, while also interacting with the crowd.

Once the first song finished, the group introduced themselves to the crowd, and Cory (the leader of the group) talked about how grateful they are that people are willing to see them here in the States, and talk about how the U.S. leg of the tour has been amazing and that they hope everyone has an amazing night.

24K proceeds to perform more of their hits, creating an intense energy throughout the theatre. As different light colors bursted from the stage, and fan chants took place. It was indeed very clear that Buckhead Theatre was the right move for that Thursday night.

Mid way into the show, 24K answered questions at random that were written by fans before the show started. Such a relatable and personable moment for both the group and the fans. Jinhong revealed that his three favorite things to do, is to sleep, to dance, and to eat. While Hongseob revealed that Changsun is the loudest sleeper, and had the whole crowd in laughter as he tried to mimic Changsun’s sleeping habits.

A video interlude begins as the boys quickly go backstage for an outfit change. Cory, Kisu, and Jinhong came out and shocked the audience with an English cover of Trey Songz’ “Heart Attack.” Proving that they can rap in English as well, Jeonguk and Cory performed a cover of XXXTentacion’s “Look At Me!”  While showing amazing vocals, it was time for Changsun and Hongseob to showcase their talents: dance. Each member took the stage and performed a solo dance each, and were later join by Jeonguk. The whole night was filled with a constant cheer, not one single dull moment.

With the constant interaction, and the constant slayage on stage. 24K brought an amazing show to Atlanta that for sure gave some serious FOMO vibes for anyone who did not attend. Promising that they will be back in the future, we will wait impatiently till then. It is highly recommend to attend a 24K concert, these boys absolutely won the hearts of many with both their personalities and talent.

Check out some of the images captured from the Atlanta show below!

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