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LIVE PHOTOS // Declan McKenna // Decatur, GA (2/6/18)

Declan McKenna swung into Decatur on Tuesday, February 6 in continued support of his 2017 album What Do You Think About The Car?. It was an unforgettable and intimate affair, as Eddie’s Attic could barely contain the throngs of young fans who had camped out for hours before the show. This show instantly sold out upon its announcement, prompting Declan to announce a second set for that night which was commonly noted by both the venue and Declan himself as an unprecedented occurrence. However, the gifted songwriter approached the sold out show with an energy and musical prowess that could have amped up a venue three times its size. Declan’s performance proved him as an extremely versatile artist who should continue to see his star rise in 2018. Check out our photos from this incredible night below.


Listen to Declan on Spotify here.

1 comment on “LIVE PHOTOS // Declan McKenna // Decatur, GA (2/6/18)

  1. Stacy Willingham

    Great photos and article Jones Willingham!❤️


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