LIVE PHOTOS // Typhoon // Atlanta


After four long years away from the road, Portland, OR’s Typhoon made their return to Atlanta on Friday, February 2 in support of their new album Offerings. It was a passionate affair, with the near-capacity crowd at Terminal West hanging off of every lyric that frontman Kyle Morton delivered. Typhoon is generally labeled as a band that focuses on death — White Lighter and Offerings both highlight Morton’s childhood illnesses and the lost time that sickness creates. Terminal West, however, was a place of joy, with smiles covering the faces of every band member and Morton noting several times how they are “always happy to come to warmer parts of the country” such as Atlanta.

Typically a twelve-piece ensemble, Typhoon was slightly “stripped down” with only seven members on stage. However, their sound was massive enough to echo the walls of the venue through songs like “Rorschach” and “Possible Deaths,” with the latter providing a mid-set joke of how longtime keyboardist Tyler Ferrin had the opportunity to start the song whenever he wanted mid-set (they played the ornate introduction to the song three times, by my count.) Their set showed off the band’s dynamic nature, as one song could offer Morton and guitarist Dave Hall the opportunity to exchange reverb-drenched guitar lines, and the next offering a soft acoustic duet between Morton and violinist Shannon Steele (who also played in the opening act Sunbathe.) Hopefully we won’t have to wait four more years for Typhoon to return, as they seem destined to play larger venues as they tour behind this gorgeous new album. Check out our photos from Typhoon’s set below.




You can stream Offerings on Spotify here.

Learn more about Typhoon at their official website.

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