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Ones To Watch // SWMRS

By: Delanee Wilson


SWMRS, an American punk rock band from Oakland, California, is really something special. Signed to Fueled By Ramen, they tend to be thrown under the umbrella of millennial pop-rock. But if you give them a listen, you’ll realize that they’re very different from other FBR artists.

Formerly known as Emily’s Army, the band is said to have two sides to them. Emily’s Army released two full studio albums before changing their name to SWMRS and starting their discography from scratch.

In February 2016, the band released “Drive North”, their first studio album under the name SWMRS. This album is absolutely spectacular. It feels raw; it feels real and unpolished and straight from the heart.


SWMRS really put it all on the line with “Drive North”. You can tell they weren’t trying to impress anyone; they weren’t trying to curate the most publicly acceptable sound or message. They made the music that they liked, disregarding any norms or standards that might be looming over their heads.

Personally, I love the eclectic sound of this album, and I find SWMRS’ experimentation really interesting. Some of my favorites from “Drive North” are “Miss Yer Kiss”, “Turn Up”, “Lose It”, and “Palm Trees”. I find myself replaying these songs over and over for hours on end… they’re just that good.

I highly recommend giving SWMRS a listen! They have a really fresh, interesting approach to music, and I think they deserve more recognition for what they’re doing!

Be sure to keep an eye out for new stuff from SWMRS! Keep track of them below:


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