By: Delanee Wilson


HUNNY, a SoCal synth-rock band with B3SCI Records, has completely rocked my world.

I saw these guys in late 2015 when they opened for The Neighbourhood here in Atlanta. I was blown away by their energy and stage presence, but I kind of forgot about them after the show.

Fast forward to summer of 2017, and I finally rediscovered these guys! I was so impressed with what HUNNY had to offer – especially after the release of their newest EP.


Their “Pain / Ache / Loving” EP, released in October 2015, is very characteristic of the band’s live performances. It has so much energy, strife, and a lot of strategic instrumentation. My favorites off of this EP are “Cry for Me” (of course!) and “La Belle Femme”.

In 2016, HUNNY dropped two singles! First was “Vowels (And the Importance of Being Me)”, which is one of my favorite songs to this day.  Then, they released “Colder Parts”, which is such a thrilling, energetic track. Those two single releases were really exciting fans for a new EP!


Finally, in May 2017, HUNNY finally released a new EP, titled “Windows I”. These 5 songs are so perfectly written and produced, and each of them has such an individual feel. My favorites off of this EP are “Televised” (such an amazing song!) and “Hallways”.

These guys are so talented, and I highly recommend that you give them a listen! They are so passionate about their music, and that shines through with every song and every live performance. Be sure to keep your eye out for more content from HUNNY!

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