Five Bands For January

By Lauren Armao

2018 is finally here, and that means another year of new releases, bands, and tours. Here are some of my favorite bands that I got into last month, here to grace your January playlists!



For fans of: The Technicolors, The Smiths, Moose Blood

“Why do you always tell me to listen to great bands that only have four songs?” is what a friend texted me after I made them a playlist which included all four songs by Philly-based alternative rock band FV. All four songs were released as separate singles in 2017, so I’m hoping for a full-length or at least an EP in 2018. FV gives a vintage sound a modern taste, with notes of melancholy here and there. Each song is so, so good. Definitely make sure to give these guys a spot on your playlists!

Listen to: Soho, Fake Love, 19, Moth

Faze Wave


For fans of: Modern Aquatic, Sure Sure, Flipturn

From the first note of “Makeout”, a dreamy sounding song with somber lyrics (“I know I’m a let down”), I was hooked. The four-piece from Jacksonville, Florida, only just began playing shows in 2014, yet their sound has the maturity of a band that’s been around forever. “Melt”, their first studio album, released in 2016, is a blend of alternative rock and indie – and is a wholesome listen all the way through. Seriously check these guys out, you won’t be disappointed! They love interacting with their fans on their socials as well.

Listen to: Far Behind, Makeout, Chemistry, Pete’s House

Pale Waves


For fans of: The 1975, The Japanese House, Glades

Pale Waves have already gathered tons of attention this past year after singing to UK indie label Dirty Hit (The 1975, The Japanese House). The project started when Heather Baron-Gracie (vocalist) and Ciara Doran (drummer) met in early 2010. The pair quickly became best friends and started writing songs together, adding Charlie Wood (bass) nad Hugo Silvani (guitarist) to the lineup. After releasing a few demos online, the quartet caught the eye of Dirty Hit, who signed them last year. Each single so far has been extremely catchy (you will probably get the chorus of at least one of them stuck in your head at some point), with a sound that blends 80’s synth pop with dark electronica.

Listen to: There’s a Honey, My Obsession, Television Romance, New Year’s Eve

Super Whatevr


For fans of: Mt. Eddy, Head North, Daisyhead

Super Whatevr is the brainchild of Skylar McKee, described as “the aftermath of a series of wrong turns and bad decisions”, Well, whatever those may be, I’m glad they resulted in the formation of this band, because I don’t think my daily car ride would be complete without at least one listen of “Bloomfield”. The band has only just started releasing music in 2017, but have already amassed 72,000 monthly listeners on Spotify, a testament to their talent and brilliant songwriting – flawlessly blending melancholy lyrics with upbeat melodies. They released one EP and three new singles last year, and I’m hoping for a full-length in 2018!

Listen to: Bloomfield, Kathrin With a K, For You, Someone Somewhere Somehow



For fans of: VERITE, Lostboycrow, XYLO

Eclectic synth pop weds indie rock in this next band. After moving from Oregon to Los Angeles with a handful of synth tracks, vocalist Zachary Grace met fellow band members Dylan Bauld, McKinley Kitts, and Kyle Hill. Their debut single “Heart” was released independently in 2014, followed by an EP. The band is now signed to Fueled By Ramen, and just released their first full length on the label, titled come out. you’re hiding, in May of 2017.

Listen to: hold on, warm blood, where do you go, let me in

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