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Ones To Watch // Ralph Castelli

By: Delanee Wilson

There are certain times when I am forever grateful for Spotify’s “Recommended Songs”. This is most certainly one of them.

Last month, Spotify suggested Ralph Castelli’s popular track “Good Morning” to me. The song blew me away within seconds, with its crisp acoustic guitar and thick, soulful vocals. I was hooked; I knew I had to check out the rest of his stuff.

His self-titled 3-track EP is astounding. It will make you want to sing, dance, cry, and everything in between… guaranteed. Castelli showcases beautiful production skills that compliment his vocals like no other.

A little over a month ago, Ralph released a new track titled “If I Could Play the Piano”, which is a light, dreamy song that explores a slower tempo and more synth beats. It’s nothing less than heartwarming.

Ralph Castelli is on the rise, I tell you. The Anchorage, Alaska native is going to reach the world one day, and I encourage you to give him a listen and keep up with his latest projects.

Follow Ralph here:


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