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NEW MUSIC // Halsey and G-Eazy Release New Single Together

By Emily Gainous

American singer-songwriter, Halsey, and boyfriend and American rapper, G-Eazy have produced and released a new single together titled “Him & I.” They released the song on Friday, December 1st and it is available on Apple Music and Spotify as part of G-Eazy’s upcoming album, “The Beautiful & Damned” that is available for pre-order.

Halsey and G-Eazy have recently made their relationship public, specifically on each other’s instagram accounts. While both artists have been busy either on the road or producing new music, they have been a power couple since late last summer. Although their music falls into two different genres, they were able to come together and create music. Both artists have had a huge and successful year and fans are happy that have decided to make music together because they both have unique sounds that fit together really well in “Him & I.”

Being a fan of both Halsey and G-Eazy, I recommend checking out their new single and also checking out both artists individually. They both have amazing albums and put on great live shows. Hopefully, we will see more collaborations between the two in the future.

Check out “Him  & I” on iTunes, Apple Music, and Spotify! You can also find it here.



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