Eminem and Beyoncé Released a Single, and it’s Everything We Ever Needed

After 2 years of no new music, on November 10, 2017 Eminem dropped a single “Walk on Water,” featuring Beyoncé. Being that the two are practically royalty in their respective genres, there are high expectations for this collaboration. The song  has Eminem rapping about his expectations, goals in life, and the way he is seen and wants to be seen while Beyoncé adds a beautiful chorus and post-chorus. Fans expected an electric pop or party song from the two, and this soulful ballad (an, while interesting, accurate classification) shatters expectations and overwhelmingly exceeds them. If this is style is common with all the songs on his upcoming album, it will throw fans for a complete 360, and totally break form, but I can’t say I’d be angry about it.

Other details on the release of the album in full are being kept in relative secrecy, but a quick google search shows an onslaught of rumors. Many, based on a cryptic Instagram post by his manager, are assuming the album is (aptly) titled “Revival” and will be released in late fall 2017, but none of these details have been confirmed.

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