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LIVE REVIEW: Saint Motel // Atlanta, GA – November 8th

By: Delanee Wilson


On November 8th, I took a trip to the Masquerade to see Saint Motel, with an opening performance by Gibbz.

I had never heard of Gibbz before, so I didn’t quite know what to expect. However, I was decently impressed by his performance. His stage presence was remarkable, and he really did a good job at keeping the audience interested.

After Gibbz exited the stage, Saint Motel projected their signature 80’s television programs onto the screen for the next thirty minutes. It’s quite interesting to me how Saint Motel has made a brand for themselves by using trends and concepts from an era that has already come and gone. It’s cool to see things resurface like that.

When Saint Motel came on stage, the crowd went insane, as expected. They opened with fan favorite, Puzzle Pieces. The fans belted every word in perfect unison. It was such a magical moment.

Overall, Saint Motel put on a fantastic show. They played a relatively minimal set, keeping the concert short and sweet. You could tell that their hearts and souls were on that stage; they broadcasted an energy unlike any other, and they fed into the audience all night long.

This was my third time seeing the LA band, but it was certainly my favorite. I hope they keep outdoing themselves for years to come!

Keep up with Saint Motel on Twitter: @SaintMotel!

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