LIVE PHOTOS: Hippo Campus // Athens, Georgia 

By Emily Gainous

On November 7th, Minnesota indie-rock band Hippo Campus stopped in Athens, Georgia on their fall tour with Remo Drive. They played at the small intimate venue, 40 Watt Club, and gave the crowd of about 500 an amazing show. They opened with their most popular song “The Way It Goes” from their album Landmark. That chill and fun song set the mood for the evening and created a great energy between the band and the crowd. The atmosphere of the small venue was just perfect for Hippo Campus as they filled the room with nothing but pure joy and fun.

One of the best parts of the show was definitely the connection the band has with their dedicated fan base. I’ve seen Hippo Campus live before and it was great to see some familiar faces who have been following the band from show to show. It’s always great to see a band who is so connected with their fans and it makes me for a more intimate and enjoyable show.

Hippo Campus has been around since 2013 but didn’t have a headlining tour until 2015 and they’ve been touring a lot since. They really began to get big after the release of Landmark in 2017. They recently released a new EP called Warm Glow and performed some songs from it. Their indie and chill sound along with their poetic lyrics make them unique and worth looking into. Their stage presence and the environment of their shows also make their tours worth going to.

Be sure to give Hippo Campus a listen and catch them on tour, now!

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