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By Kristina Balboa


About a week ago I found myself at a public library in Port Angeles, WA. How cool was it that this band was actually playing a show there preforming new and old tunes with a cover or two thrown into the mix.

It was like an actual concert in the middle of a public library! What?! And if that’s wasn’t enough to intrigue you, the band preforming there was KUINKA. Kuinka is a Skajit Valley originating band made up of four members all with giant smiles and a love for what they do!

Miranda Zickler, Jillian Walker, and Zach and Nathan Hamer joined together to create Kuinka back in 2014 and have since then release a number of albums; the most recent being their “Stay Up Late-EP” that was released back in the summer.

I get such a genuine vibe from these four rad people combined with a variation of peculiar instruments such as a ukulele, synthesizer, cello, banjo, harmonica, and a few other oddities.

This combination of folk and electric pop makes any moment a happy moment. A few of my personal favorites have been “Howl” from their 2016 Heartland album and “Mistakenly Brave” from their 2017 Up All Night EP.

As mentioned previously, I first heard them in a public library but have since then become obsessed! To learn more about KUINKA’s new music, tour, and how to become totally obsessed visit

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