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LIVE PHOTOS: Gavin DeGraw // Atlanta, GA // Buckhead Theatre

By Corinne Kim

Gavin DeGraw made a stop on his RAW tour at the Buckhead Theatre in Atlanta, Georgia on November 2nd. Foregoing an opening act, Gavin entered the stage shortly after 8 o’clock. The upbeat mood was immediately set for the night as he opened with one of his most well-known and loved songs, “Chariot”. The performance was intimate and genuine as all of his songs were performed acoustically with only three instrumentalists playing on stage, including Gavin.

The crowd was completely captivated and mesmerized as he played piano skillfully and flawlessly for almost every song. Throughout the night, Gavin cracked jokes and told stories about his life, creating the key element to any outstanding performance: a true connection to the audience.

As the night continued DeGraw played songs ranging from his upbeat and fun “Annalee”, to soulful songs like “I’m In Love With a Girl” and beautiful, soulful ballads like “More Than Anyone”. No matter the style, every song carried a story and emotion that the enveloped the audience.

The most impressive and notable part of the evening, was the raw talent on the stage. This includes his drummer, Mike Baker, and guitarist/double bassist, Billy Norris. The music was so rich and lively, it was hard to process that it was only coming from three people. No computers, tracks, or special tech systems added!

Seeing Gavin DeGraw live is an experience I would absolutely recommend to anyone. Check out the photos below for a sneak peek into a fun and memorable night.

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