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LIVE PHOTOS: Dirty Heads // Atlanta, GA // Tabernacle

By Corinne Kim

On Friday, October 27th, the reggae-fusion band Dirty Heads performed at the Tabernacle in Atlanta, Georgia. This was a stop on their tour promoting their newest album “Swim Team”. Their concert served a unique and memorable experience for multiple reasons. This includes their unique music style. Dirty Heads’ music is heavily reggae influenced with touches of hip-hop and rock. Some songs are relaxed and care-free, such as “Vacation”, and others are more upbeat and electronic, such as “Sweet Summer”. The variation kept the night interesting and entertaining.

Another notable aspect of the concert was the audience. The fanbase for Dirty Heads is one of the most loyal and dedicated I’ve seen for any artist. Within five seconds of the start of every song, the crowd would burst into cheers and be ready to sing every lyric. The audience genuinely had a great time and this is also owed to the band’s energy. Each member was skilled and passionate in whatever they were doing.

This isn’t surprising considering the band has been active for over two decades. All of the hard work and drive put into Dirty Heads is evident through their music and stage presence. The band’s capability to control the mood of the room was truly impressive.

The atmosphere throughout the whole night was simultaneously relaxed yet invigorating. The vibrant energy of Dirty Heads is one I recommend encountering before their tour ends!



Check out more of Dirty Heads below!

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