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Bohnes (Former ‘The Cab’) Releases Acoustic Song

Bohnes, led by former The Cab front man, Alex DeLeon, premiered the acoustic version of “Six Feet Under” exclusively on Huffington Post. The original song was released as a single late September with an adventurous music video through an abandoned theme park.


With an exclusive interview with Huffington DeLeon stated, “I just want to show everyone how much I care about this project and what I’m writing about, what it means to me, and what the fans and their patience have always meant to me. ‘Six Feet Under is just the beginning of all of that and it’s about bringing emotion back from the dead.”

Check out the music video for “Six Feet Under” below and be sure to check out the newly released Acoustic Version on Huffington Post, here now!

Fans of The Cab rejoice and join Alex on the new adventure he calls Bohnes, below.

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