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Mariana’s Trench Release Music Video for ‘Astoria’

On October 23, exactly 2 years after their 4th studio release AstoriaMariana’s Trench released the music video for their title-track “Astoria”.  The album, cohesively tied together, is revolved around Josh Ramsay’s personal experience with sickness and gloom and is majorly inspired by fantasy and adventure films in the 80’s – particularly The Goonies. “Astoria”, a small town in Oregon, was inspired by The Goonies, where the movie took place.

This video is supported by Creative BC and the Province of British Columbia. The community of Astoria, Oregon welcomes visitors to experience our movie history in person. You are encouraged to begin your journey at the Oregon Film Museum, located in the historic county jail used for the jail break scene in The Goonies. We ask our visitors to be respectful of private property while visiting our community. Marianas Trench was given special permission to visit “Mikey’s house”. If you find yourself in Astoria, please view this home from the Astoria Riverfront Trail to avoid intruding on the homeowner or the neighborhood. Plan your trip to Astoria at or

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