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By Emily Gainous

Four best friends from Fayetteville, Georgia started off as a small town band looking for something to do on a Friday night. In January of 2017, Zach (Vocals/Guitar), Hogan (Guitar), Karmen (Drums), and Drake (Bass) released their first EP that consisted of four songs and have been touring around Georgia throughout the year. They’ve played small, intimate venues around Atlanta among other locations nearby. Their signature and unique sound is inspired by many different artists including Johnny Cash, Green Day, and Dave Mathews. Their diverse music tastes make their band into the unique mixture of genres that it is today.
On Friday, October 20th, they released a new single called Head Up. It is available on iTunes, Apple Music, and Spotify. The band has been in the studio lately working on some new material. CLOUDLAND is definitely worth getting into, especially as they begin to grow bigger and bigger. They have a small town feel with the potential of getting big in the near future. Check out these down to earth musicians and their passion for music and being true to themselves because they are meant for something great.
Instagram: @cloudlandband



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