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Time Slips Behind US by Modern Color


On October 13th 2017 eleven heartfelt songs were released by the South Bay, Los Angeles band Modern Color. Big news when you’ve seen local boys working hard, playing music, and staying creative which you can clearly hear on the new record “Time Slips Behind Us” released through recent signings with Other People Records. To say this album differs from the previous Modern Color “Chromesthesia” would be an understatement. From the band experimenting with sound on tracks like “Keepsake” and “Not Here” to bringing it back to the latest single “Wool” it is clearly heard that the Modern Color boys are not afraid to grow; still keeping that lovely heavy wavy MC sound as heard on “Time Slips Behind Us.” With the new release comes new tours, Modern Color will be joining OC legends Stick To Your Guns on their west coast run in supports of the new record “Trueview” starting 10/19. Time Slips Behind Us is out now (iTunes, Spotify).



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