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LIVE REVIEW: Pigeons Playing Ping Pong // Seattle, WA- October 13th


By Kristina Balboa

This past Friday (a.k.a Friday the 13th) while everyone else was getting spooked out, I was getting my dance out.

I boarded a ferry to see a highly recommended band from Baltimore, Maryland play at the Nectar Lounge in Seattle, Washington with an opening performance by Flamingosis.

Let me first talk a bit about Flamingosis- not what I expected, yet, so much better. Flamingosis is a DJ from New Jersey who got even the shyest of the wallflowers out on the dance floor! What a brilliant idea to have a DJ as your hype band!

Pigeons on the other hand put me in a trans. Having listened to them a few times before I had an idea of what they would be like live, but boy was I wrong!

Seeing them before their set, lead singer Greg Ormont sat behind the merch table looking like he was ready to hit the hay. After Flamingosis had the crowd pumping, I was surprised to see a now very happy and very energetic band walk out on stage.

The crowd was definitely feeling the music Friday night and grooving every which way!

Personally I found it hard to tell when one song ended and another began but the band was playing to the audience and that’s exactly what they wanted: a nonstop jam party.

6241726960_IMG_6170The crowd was high energy at the Nectar Lounge and for a while so was Pigeons! After a while the members seemed to grow exhausted not of playing, but from giving it all they had to Seattle Friday night.

The show was estimated to end at 2 a.m! I remember feeling totally worn out by 11:30.

Note to self: if I ever go to another Pigeons Playing Ping Pong concert, I better make sure to sleep in as late as possible the day of.

Overall my Pigeons concert experience was like no other. They played a few crowd favorites and were able to put on a high energy show while promoting their new album Pizazz.

“PIZAZZ!” releases October 20th. For more information on new music, merch, and this current tour visit


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