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LIVE PHOTOS: Foster The People // Atlanta, Ga // Tabernacle

By Corinne Kim

On Saturday night, September 30th, Foster the People performed at the Tabernacle in Atlanta, Georgia. Love for the band was already radiating through the air before the performers even hit the stage. The crowd, consisting of fans of all ages, was buzzing with anticipation.

    The moment the band took the stage, it was clear the show would be entrancing. Crowds sang along to every song and the energy was invigorating. One of my favorite aspects of the show was the lights. The lights accompanied the songs in perfect time, with vivid colors, making listening to music a 3D experience. It seemed like almost every song was a crowd favorite, with the audience dancing almost as much as the band.

    Foster the People ultimately gave a genuine performance and their concert made a very enjoyable Saturday night. What made the experience even better was the band seemed to be having just as good of a time as the audience. If you have the opportunity to catch Foster the People on the rest of their “Sacred Hearts Club” tour, I highly recommend you do so!


3 comments on “LIVE PHOTOS: Foster The People // Atlanta, Ga // Tabernacle

  1. Aaron kim

    Hi mimi


  2. wow i would just like to say these are amazing pics


  3. Thank you Corinne for the great description of the Concert! I could really visualize it! Will be sure to try to catch their live performance.


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