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LIVE PHOTOS: Verite // Vinyl // Atlanta, GA

by: Corinne Kim

On September 19, American pop singer-songwriter, Vérité, performed at Vinyl in Atlanta, Georgia. From the very start of the show, she created an intimate atmosphere through casual back-and-forth conversation with the audience. The cozy venue also contributed to this, making the show feel personal. The attentions of both super-fans, and those who had never heard her work, were completely fixated.

Vérité’s performance was captivating as she swiftly switched between mics and DJ’d her own sound panel. This displayed her expertise in techno-music along with how she controlled her own effects. The emotion of the show was also quite entrancing. She displayed the emotion of each lyric through her facial expressions, and with lyrics as personal as hers, this was a compelling feature.

Throughout the set, there was not a song that did not have the audience swaying, bopping their heads, or jumping up and down. Each song was special, yet they were all skillfully crafted and meaningful. The crowd was singing along and hanging on to her every word.

Vérité proved that extravagant lights, choreography, or backup dancers are not essential to an amazing performance. She was able to create a fun and relaxed environment simply through a genuine audience-performer relationship. Watching her perform was a unique and mesmerizing experience. If you have the chance to see Vérité during her final stops of her tour, I highly recommend you take it.

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