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LIVE PHOTOS: Modest Mouse // CocaCola Roxy // Atlanta, GA


by John Morrow

Going into this show I had only ever heard one Modest Mouse song, but I knew they were packing some serious musical firepower. After the show, that was most certainly proved to be true.

The very large band played a large variety of instruments with almost every musician playing multiple instruments and also singing. It was definitely incredible to watch. You could tell that a lot of talent was on the stage.

The crowd was a bit older, you could tell these guys have been around for a while. However, every single fan was dedicated and dancing and having a great time. As the band went through their set list and played songs, old and new, each was met with excitement from the crowd. Even though I felt uncertain going into the show, afterwards I knew that Modest Mouse is a band that gives the fans a show worth every penny.

Check out the photos below as well as photos from opener Mass Gothic!

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Also Check out Mass Gothic!





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