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Hans Zimmer Live July 18

Master film composer Hans Zimmer brought his Hans Zimmer Live tour to Atlanta July 18 to the Verizon Wireless Amphitheater.

The audience, full of music and movie lovers alike were greeted by a selection for “Driving Ms. Daisy” performed by Hans, a stage full of musicians, an orchestra and a chorus.
This delightful tune performed without scenes from the movie set the tone for the night as Mr. Zimmer stated that “the night, the entire tour, is about the music and the people who perform it.”
The scores from Zimmer’s extensive filmography including The Lion King, The Dark Knight, Rain Man, Pirates of the Caribbean, and Gladiator captivated audiences with a stunning light show and simple visuals of the artists performing the music, allowing listeners let their mind take them to those memorable moments in cinematic history.
The real joy however could be seen on Zimmer’s face as you could tell that his happiness is rooted not just from making works of art but from playing with the musicians he has been friends with for years.

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