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LIVE PHOTOS: Betty Who // Terminal West // Atlanta, GA

by: John Morrow

This Wednesday I had the opportunity to see Australian pop singer, Betty Who, in Atlanta on her Party in the Valley tour.

Her amazing and powerful vocals rang in my eardrums as she performed hits like, Mama Say, and Somebody Loves You. Joined on stage by her two amazing dancers, Joshua and Mickey, Betty Who showed that she came to put on a show. Right from the start of the show she showed the audience that she did not come to play games by starting with the loud and energetic song, Glory Days. Also joining her on stage was Jemila Dunham on the bass and Nyla McDaniel on the keytar. Throughout the show it was evident that her live performance had been expertly crafted, with nearly every song having its own choreographed dance and lighting. I have always been a Betty Who fan since her ‘The Movement’ EP, but each time I see her perform I am pleasantly delighted to see the energy she brings to the stage. Betty Who is most certainly not a show you want to miss if you love to dance. Be sure to check down below if shes coming to a venue near you!

Check out the rest of the photos as well as Betty Who’s social media down below.

Betty Who’s Social Media




See if Betty Who is coming to a show near you!

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