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LIVE PHOTOS: BANKS // Atlanta, GA // June 10

by John Morrow

Having been out of the concert loop for a while, I excitedly picked up my photo pass from the box office and prepared to be amazed by the true Goddess herself, Banks (See what I did there). The line wrapped around the building and I could tell she had some dedicated fans.

The night started with artist, Toulouse, whom I thought I had never heard of. Upon further research, I discovered he is the mastermind behind “No Running From Me” from Fifty Shades Darker and “I Will Follow You”. With his own visual light set up and his calm smooth music, Toulouse was a great start to the night.

After a great set by Toulouse, the fans were all excitedly waiting for the spooky and beautiful Banks.

The lights dimmed and a chilling poem began to echo throughout the venue.

“Little stars they seem so far,
they sparkle in the midnight blue.
I always wondered if I saw them close up what they’d smell like too.
Maybe they’d smell like fallen leaves
or maybe snowflakes in the breeze.
I traveled through the 7 seas to see if they smell like you do.
Because my love you are my star,
you smell exactly how I think a star should smell,
so from afar,
I’ll just assume they smell like you.”

The poem continued, and Banks began to walk out. She began with her bone-chilling hit, Poltergeist, as we, the audience, stared in awe at her and her eye-catching dancers. Her set-list continued and as I frantically tried to capture her beauty in as many photos as I could while still singing along to every word, I found myself smiling and thinking; This is exactly why I do this. Banks’ live performance struck a chord so deep within me that I cannot shake the feeling that it changed me forever. Her fans knew every word and I could feel each and every emotion through her voice. The entire show felt very intimate and personal, which is something very difficult to create. I will forever support Banks and her brand as I have never seen an artist put so much of their soul into a performance and create such a spine-tingling show. To Banks, Thank you for giving me goosebumps and letting me dance all night.


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