ALBUM REVIEW: Russ // There’s Really A Wolf

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by Mansoor Syed

Top Three Tracks: “What They Want”, “Back To You”, “One More Shot”, “Pull The Trigger”

Related Artists: 6LACK, Blackbear, Post Malone, Khalid

My first Russ song was his hit single “What They Want”, which blew him into stardom and got me vibing to his first few songs for days on end. Here, he releases his debut album, and I’m here now to talk about what I saw in it.

While I wouldn’t call the songs on his album “bad” — in fact, they’re actually very good — I can’t jam to them quite the way I could his other songs, simply due to way they were ordered. At first, it was difficult for me to appreciate, as many of them sound more or less the same in that they make it more and more clear that Russ holds in several songs as unique a tone as he does in their neighboring songs. Which is absolutely fine, considering that he has made apparent his proficiency in even the most diverse subgenres of hip hop — but the organization is what throws me off. As a listener who prefers listening to albums all the way through rather than to individual songs in some random order, I can attest to having my funk-foundation rattled a tad more than I expected; but then a thought dawned on me — one that opened me up to enjoy each individual song on the album. The man had a message to deliver, and in the form of There’s Really A Wolf: he can sing to anything.

Enter my next point: Russ flaunts his talent in this album by compiling 20 pieces of his best work into an album that frames them perfectly. And the reception his new album has received confirms those notions, as it sits at the #4 spot on the R&B and Hip-Hop charts in iTunes.

Are you a fan of classic hip-hop-esque beats?
Russ is your man — have a go at “What They Want”

Does trap music get you excited?
Give “Me You” by Russ a shot.

Do you vibe to R&B?
“Back To You” is the song for you.

All in all, Russ holds talent galore, and it seems like a crime not to express that kind of skill. The product of Russ’ ambiguous-yet-multifarious singing style is characteristic of his newly found successful career in music. Now, we sit back, relax, enjoy the album, and patiently wait for the next release.

You can find the album on iTunes, Amazon, and Spotify.

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