ONES TO WATCH: Slam Dunk Festival 2017

Slam Dunk festival returns to the UK on Saturday, May 27 in Birmingham before heading North to Leeds City Centre on Sunday 28th May and finally finishing in Hatfield, London on Monday 29th May. With a whole host of bands performing at a number of venues over three days Slam Dunk is certainly not a festival to be missed!

BAND: Enter Skikari
WHERE YOU CAN FIND THEM: Jagermeister Stage
WHY WE LIKE THEM: Slam Dunk headliners Enter Shikari are not one to be missed, from their passionate fans to their finely tuned on stage performances they quite simply put on one of the best live shows around.
LISTEN: The Last Garrison

BAND: We Are The Ocean
WHERE YOU CAN FIND THEM: Jagermeister Stage
WHY WE LIKE THEM: Having recently announced the bands split and finishing a run of farewell shows across the uk it will be a bittersweet experience for fans watching We Are The Ocean’s main stage set at one of their final shows.
LISTEN: Good For You

BAND: We The Kings
WHERE YOU CAN FIND THEM: Monster Energy Stage
WHY WE LIKE THEM: We The Kings are the ultimate nostalgia band for me, creating a perfect balance of pop and punk. 10 Years on the band are still going strong playing sold out shows worldwide.
LISTEN: Secret Valentine

WHY WE LIKE THEM: Moving on from previous projects Fank Iero’s newest album is full of raw lyrics which are only enhanced by his unique gritty voice. They are certainly a band not to be missed at Slam Dunk.
LISTEN: Oceans

Slam Dunk

By Beth Smith

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