ALBUM REVIEW: Doc Robinson// Golden Daze

By: Madison Sharp 


Recently, I was approached to do a review on the new Doc Robinson EP. I’ll be honest, I had not heard of these guys at the time. After listening to the new EP Golden Daze, I can say with full confidence everyone will know who they are very soon.

Doc Robinson is a relaxing fusion of laid back almost surf indie. If you are a fan of Finish Ticket or Vinyl Theater, you’ll love Doc Robinson. The band consists of two members, Jonathan Elliott and Nick D’Andrea. This combination of these two Columbus kids hasn’t been around for long but I soon feel Doc Robinson will be a household name for alternative music.

Their newest EP Golden Daze features four brand new songs from the duo.

Track List:

Golden Daze

It’s Over

New Day


Golden Daze: I can’t help but smile when I hear this title track. When looking deeper into the band I found their Facebook. Whilst looking for information on the main members I found the genre category. Doc Robinson describes themselves as, “Backyard BBQ Breakup Music”. After hearing Golden Daze (in its entirety + the title track) I think they stole the words right out of my mouth. This song will be perfect for your next BBQ held in honor of your ex. This song is comparable to, Guru- Coast Modern.

It’s Over: (Personal Favorite) First, after watching the music video attending a Doc Robinson pool party has shot to the top of my bucket list. I also want whatever was in that pineapple. It’s over is a break up song unlike any other breakup song. The words in itself are bitter and cynical but the upbeat rhythm makes you forget about how evil your ex was, even if you still do miss them. “Now we’re waiting for the sky to fall the final curtain call. You walk out the door, now it’s over”.


New Day: With each song on this EP I fall more in love with this duo. New Day is another happy hit that can be played while driving in the hot summer sun to the local fruit stand to get more magic pineapples (If you are confused watch the music video for It’s Over). The four tracks on the EP just scream summer. I sat with headphones on nodding my head, thinking of warmer times. New day is comparable to CRUISR- Throw Shade.


Undone: Out of all the “breakupish” songs on this EP Undone is the most “Drakeish”. By that I mean it’s the one that makes you think about that one person even if you don’t want to. Undone is a nice change of pace when compared to the first three tracks. It is a slower more introspective take on failing relationships. This song reminds me of Falling- HAIM. (In that I mean, not totally sad, the beat makes up for the melancholy lyrics.)

After having Golden Daze on repeat for da(z)ys now, I feel like Doc Robinson will soon be selling out venues. It’s rare when you find music that makes you want to dance but also makes you think about the one who got away. The Golden Daze EP is a contradictory tale of falling in and out of love.

P.S I want everyone to know that before they blow up I wrote review of them, remember that.

Listen to Golden Daze HERE

Find out more about Doc Robinson HERE

Watch the music video for It’s Over HERE


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