LIVE PHOTOS: LANY // Atlanta, GA – October 8

by John Morrow

Recently I had the opportunity to catch LANY at  their Atlanta stop of the ‘kinda’ tour. Greeted by a huge line and friendly fans, I headed into the venue. With camera in hand, I was excited to get some good shots.

The opener was the dreamy band, Transviolet. Their music gave me a Lorde mixed with Halsey vibe. Full of energy, they took the stage to get everyone ready for LANY. I was thrilled to see people in the crowd singing along, and they definitely had me dancing too.

Next came the moment we were all patiently waiting for. LANY entered the stage after a video of Whitney Houston singing the national anthem played on their light display. The amount of fan support was absolutely crazy. People are seriously devoted to these guys. “This is crazy!”, lead singer Paul Klein said while performing their first song. Their massive Atlanta following was just as overwhelming for the band as it was for me, as Paul Klein broke down in between songs. Their set had me giddy and dancing the whole night. The crowd was polite and the atmosphere of the entire show was wonderful. Good vibes all around at this show. Check out photos from their set below.



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