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Lauren Sanderson Releases New Music Video For “Whatchu Say”

On Monday, Lauren Sanderson released her most recent single, “Whatchu Say”. Since then, a music video was released in support of her single, and it has definitely been worth the hype. It’s everything you could have imagined – great song, beautiful scenery, amazing video production.

First, the song. With over 5,000 views in one night, it’s clear that this song is going to be a hit for Lauren Sanderson. As soon as the song was released, many positive reviews immediately followed. The beat is unique and incredible – perfect for any long car ride or a night out with friends. It’s definitely a song worth putting on repeat for sessions at a time.

This is the first music video since “Palm Springs” that has been released and, without doubt, lived up to the expectations. The video starts out with a chill vibe as Lauren Sanderson begins driving around California and it quickly moves to a scene at an empty gas station. The location and overall video fits the song extremely well. Clips of her various shows were incorporated from her recent Center of Expression Tour, definitely resulting in a well-rounded video.

Whatchu say, give it a listen? Watch the music video here:

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