By Kristina Balboa


Brooklyn, New York locals Gerry Lange and Danny Rocco, otherwise known as Secret Weapons, had a busy weekend here in Chicago.

Their concert-filled weekend started on Saturday, July 30th at Lollapalooza preforming along with other bands such as the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Two Door Cinema Club, X Ambassadors, The Front Bottoms, The Strumbellas, and many, many more.

After Lolla is always a variety of After-Lolla shows, but Secret Weapons didn’t play their next show until Sunday where they stepped into the JBdannyroccoSWTV Studio to film and play an intimate in-studio set for an upcoming episode of the 60-minute music television series that is JBTV.

Secret Weapons is a fairly new band, just rising into the music scene in 2015. So far their career has consisted with opening up for a variety of well-known indie pop and alternative bands such as Fall Out Boy, Weezer, Panic! At the Disco, and Atlas Genius; just to name a few.

My first experience seeing Gerry and Danny was watching them open up for Atlas Genius and Skylar Grey at the Bottom Lounge this past April. Just like that, I was hooked!

Since then SW has released a few more original songs, a new music video for their single “Something New”, and a self-titled EP (download here) ; introducing the songs “Power”, “Konichiwild”, and my personal favorite “Perfect World”.

Sunday’s performance was, in a word- ELECTRIFYING!

gerrylangeSWAlthough, it definitely helped that I was front and centered when watching.

Even though they regretfully apologized for their exhaustion after the crazy Lolla weekend they’d had, they still gave it their all.

The amount of energy they put into their shows are insane. It’s like giving a small child twelve Pixie Sticks and some instruments. There’s so much energy in their sets it actually radiates off of the stage and into your dancing shoes, which pairs perfectly with their electric-pop-80’s styled music.

Everyone knows that finding a good band before they become mainstream is like finding a needle in a haystack, so believe me when I say if you have yet to catch a Secret Weapons performance, then you’re missing out.


For upcoming tour dates and more information on Secret Wepons, visit their official website below:

To see their recent performance for JBTV, visit, where new episodes air weekly.

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