By: Madison Sharp 

Recently, I headed down to Piedmont Park for the famous Radio 105.7 sunset sessions. Radio 105.7 (Atlanta’s Alternative) puts on these free concerts in Piedmont on Sunday’s during the summer. There I was graced by the presences of lots of dogs, good food, and even better music.

The first band of the night was Mamma Bear. Atlanta natives themselves the band kicked off the night to an energetic start which got people out of their chairs moving. The lead singer was wearing a Bob’s Burgers hat, which meant he automatically had my heart but the band’s sound is something refreshing. Mamma Bear mixes a Goo Goo Dolls sound with a new take. These ATLiens knew how to start the night.

Shortly after, Susto came on stage and brought the house down. As I made my way up to the front to snap pictures I noticed that a large part of the crowd attended for Susto alone. This band had a more folksy sound which complemented Wild Child well. Since attending their song, “Friends, Lovers, Ex-Lovers: Whatever”, has been on a steady repeat. The sound of these guys is comparable to a more twangy Lumineers. Susto made every person get up and move.

Then finally, Wild Child entered. If you’ve never heard a Wild Child song, you’d better go check them out before finishing this review. When hearing a song from this 7- person band I can’t help but smile. The ukulele, trumpet, violin, and dreamy vocals of Kelsey and Alexander bring you to a happier time. With everything going on in the world we all need a good escape, even if it’s just for a 3-minute song. The sound of Wild Child will take you there. Not only is the sound audibly adorable but their stage presence was unbelievable. Kelsey hopped on stage bare-footed and overjoyed which translated to each of their songs. As she swayed the audience was mesmerized by this powerful wonderful woman in front of them. This band works as a machine just complementing each other in every way possible. Each member loves what they do and it’s evident. Wild Child’s most recent release is the 2015 Fools. Before you listen to Fools check out the band’s older albums to comprehend how wonderful these guys really are. In my opinion Wild Child put on one of the best shows I’ve seen in a long time.

Check out Mamma BearSusto, and Wild Child photos below:

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