LIVE PHOTOS: Never Shout Never // Atlanta, GA – July 17

by John Morrow

On  July 17th, I was able to catch NeverShoutNever at their show in Atlanta. The first opener, Me Like Bees, was full of energy and excitement. Unfortunately, due to awful Atlanta traffic, I was only able to catch part of their set. Nevertheless, their set was still wonderful.


The second opener, Hundred Handed, was outstanding. Their energy and charisma was enough for a full set, all contained within a tiny opener. Bringing not only the audience (including myself) onto the stage, but also their own mascot bear, dressed in costume. Hundred Handed definitely delivered an awesome opener.

Here’s where things get a little dicey. I would never let an artist’s music or sound change my opinion on their show, so when I say this it is not because I disliked the music; I did not enjoy NeverShoutNever’s set. First, their set was an hour late. Regardless of whether this was the venue’s fault or the band’s, it was not ideal. Second, the stage hands dimmed the lights to a VERY dim yellow right before the band went on, making it not only impossible to take good photos, but also making it difficult to see the band. Again, whether this was the venue’s fault or theirs, it did not help their case. The performance lacked enthusiasm. There was no energy, and the members of the band stood in place the ENTIRE show. The set had no flow, with extremely long pauses in-between songs. I felt like I was watching a backyard band play and they just decided, “Yeah I guess we can play a couple songs.” It really pains my heart to say such things about this band because honestly, NeverShoutNever was one of my middle school favorites. On a higher note, with a less rigorous and more calm set came a connection to the audience. The show felt intimate and personal, which to some is probably great. Personally I felt it  was both a combination of the venue and the band that made it a rocky show. I really hope that NeverShoutNever does not continue this standard.621.JPG



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