LIVE PHOTOS: Jon Bellion // Atlanta, GA – June 26

by John Morrow

Having only heard ‘Guillotine’, I had no idea what to expect from Jon Bellion. However, I had high hopes upon seeing the queue wrap around the building.

Blaque Keys started the show off with a very personal connection with the audience. His spirited raps got the crowd even more pumped for Jon Bellion. After finishing out his set and giving out “his number,” Blaque Keys left the stage to make room for the second opener, Sonreal.

Blaque Keyz - 2

Clad in a tiger jacket and Pizza Hut hat, much like Blaque, Sonreal was full of energy. I could hardly see through all of the crowd’s hands stretching high towards the ceiling. Although he delivered an amped up set, the time had come for Sonreal to leave and Jon Bellion to step in. I could almost feel the crowd’s anticipation.

Sonrule - 2

Dressed in his merch, Jon Bellion entered the stage with hypeman Travis Mendes, and the feeling was ethereal. The crowd went WILD as the man himself delivered a jam- packed set. The fans seemed to know every word and I could feel myself being drawn into the beauty that is Jon Bellion’s voice. Jon broke down mid-set to discuss the tragedy that happened to Christina Grimmie, asking the fans, “As a nation are we OK with this?!” He continued on to discuss discrimination and gave a heartfelt speech about the unity that music creates. He told the fans, “I know that in my head, heaven is a place that exists because it would look something like this tonight.” He continued on after this, but the speech was unforgettable. Finishing up with his song “Hand of God,” which consists of a mash-up of other songs in his debut album, was a perfect end to the night. After experiencing the show and seeing the extremely dedicated fans, I think it is safe to say that you should keep an eye out for Jon Bellion.

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