ALBUM REVIEW: With Confidence // Better Weather

by Devon McQuillan

With Confidence Better Weather.jpg

Recommended Tracks: ‘Archers’, ‘Voldemort’, ‘Long Night’
Artists You May Also Like: As It Is, The Wonder Years, Seaway

While being a part of the Hopeless Records family with big name bands such as Sum 41, All Time Low, and Taking Back Sunday, you would think that the small pop-punk band, known as With Confidence, would be overshadowed by these hugely successful bands. However; that is not the case with these dudes. Their hard work and dedication is definitely showcased in their most recent album, Better Weather, which shows just how well this little band can hang with the big kids.

Upon listening to the first couple of songs on this album, I really wasn’t all that impressed with what I was hearing. It just sounded like stereotypical pop-punk to me, but when I took more time to listen to the album more in depth, and examined the lyrical content, I found that this was not just another generic pop-punk album.

The best thing about this album was the raw emotion that was evident while listening. The beautifully written lyrics are so relatable to just about anybody in any situation, and the emotional vocals of Jayden Seeley allow you to feel the pain he feels, especially in the song “Long Night.” Another thing that sets this album apart from others in its genre is the perfect balance of instruments; it’s very common to find a band that seems to just have too much going on behind the vocals. The simple yet amazing electric guitar riffs and the steady drum beats seem to be just enough, and are never overpowering one another.

Lastly, this album has the perfect mix of songs. While a lot of bands tend to throw together an album of 10 or 11 songs that are about the same thing, or sound the exact same, Better Weather does an amazing job to avoid that. Whether you want a song to dance or cry to, you can guarantee that this album will have what you’re looking for.

Before listening to this album, I had only scratched the surface of this band and really only knew a couple of their songs, but after listening to them more in depth, I think I have found a new band to add to my favorites list.

Make sure to check out With Confidence’s new album, Better Weather and be sure to catch them on the Vans Warped Tour this year!

Purchase Better Weather iTunes, stream it on Spotify, and be sure to follow the band on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.


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