LIVE PHOTOS: Mumford and Sons / / Atlanta, GA – April 12

by Cole Winkler

I’m paraphrasing but last night Marcus Mumford said, “I haven’t gotten into a lot of trouble in Atlanta and that’s a shame. Actually that is not true I smoked a mad blunt last night. Maybe I should punch a stripper, this song is about punching a stripper.” Then proceeded to launch into the incredibly beautiful “Ghosts that we knew”. Throughout the night, Mumford and Sons sprinkled in little acts and anecdotes, similar to the one above, to create a level of intimacy among a stadium packed with people. Intimacy is a skill that even the best lack, but Mumford pulled it off flawlessly. Mumford and Sons put on an amazing show at the Infinite Energy Center and I highly recommend you see them at a venue near you.

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