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Set It Off Release Video For ‘Uncontainable’

Set It Off have released their new music video for “Uncontainable”, which is the first single from their upcoming album. No date is set for the album yet, but it is due out this summer.

Uncontainable is now available on iTunes and Spotify.

“If there’s one thing Set It Off knows it’s struggle. We know nothing worth having in this life comes easy and there have been many instances and many people in our lives lately that try their best to bring us down. This is our message to those people that force their way into our lives to try and break us—you won’t,” says Set It Off vocalist Cody Carson. “Bring it on, we’re Set It Off and we never back down from a fight. This is only the beginning, so turn up our new song “Uncontainable”, feel the energy, and take over the world.”

Keep up with Set It Off below:

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