LIVE REVIEW: Hoodie Allen // Atlanta, GA – March 12

by Cole Winkler

The amount of energy in the Tabernacle Saturday March 12 was absurd. Bryce Vine, Supa Dupa KYLE and Hoodie Allen brought the house down. At one point, I was taking pictures in the balcony and I could actually see the balcony flexing up and down as a result of people jumping.

First up is Bryce Vine. Few have heard of Bryce Vine and that is a shame. To open his set Bryce played “Were the Wild things are” a good upbeat song. Next, he played some of his best stuff, “Sour Patch kids” and “Guilty Pleasure”. Bryce had a good energetic stage presence. I would love to see more of him down the road, at his own show. He was the first opening act so he was limited in his set and time range but he greatly excelled with what was given to him.

Next up was Supa Dupa KYLE and man did he just destroy it. KYLE and (his friend) Brick have probably the best dance moves I have ever seen. First KYLE opened with a light saber duel with Brick, preceded by literal crowd surfing thanks to a surfboard, and ending with KYLE hugging and dancing with a gigantic Pikachu. KYLE’s stage presence is huge and absolutely captivating. With a set, that invokes Super Mario brothers and hilarious and yet wonderful songs. KYLE puts on an amazing show. I would whole-heartedly recommend going to the Happy Camper tour not only to see Hoodie but KYLE. The energy KYLE brought was electrifying. Every person in the audience was smiling. During KYLEs set, I even saw a dad dancing.

Hoodie Allen came on the stage at around ten and man did he bring it. Hoodies set consisted of about five vertical LED screens displaying pictures and one horizontal screen placed in front of the drummer. The light and sound was almost perfect, a perfect amount of hazing and lights to illuminate not just Hoodie but his band. Above all else, though Hoodie is a showman. From rafting the audience, dancing, to singing in the back of the venue, to spraying the audience with water and meeting fans before the show at merch, Hoodie is a master showman. Hoodie bumps the energy to a ten and manages to keep it there. Going to a Hoodie Allen, show is electrifying and I would recommend a Hoodie Allen show to both long time fans and new fans. The show is equal parts electrifying and fun, even if you do not know Hoodie extremely well you will have a blast at this show.

Be sure to check out Hoodie Allen and opening acts on the rest of their tour! Check here for dates.

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