Bernie Sanders Rocks the Microphone

Bernie We Shall Overcome.jpeg

In 1987, presidential candidate Bernie Sanders released an album titled “We Shall Overcome”. The Vermont senator combines folk music and spoken word to make an album that is hysterically bad. Even senator Sanders called it “the worst album ever recorded” in a town hall. The album was recorded during his time as a mayor and features 30 Vermont bands accompanying Sanders to help Sanders deliver a message of unity and peace. Featuring hits such, as “The Banks of Marble” Sanders highlights the atrocities of big banks and “Were Have all the Flowers Gone” a ballad promoting peace and unity for a broken nation. The album is downloadable on Amazon for a meager $4.95. If you can ignore the fact that musically the album is terrible, it is actually worth a buy. For only $4.95 you get to listen to a presidential candidate use spoken word to talk about big banks and peace. Were else could you get the opportunity to do that? Bernie Sanders album “We Shall Overcome” is one for the ages. Leaving everyone wondering when Sanders will drop his next smash hit.

Check out a clip below:

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