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LIVE PHOTOS: Vinyl Theatre // Atlanta, GA – February 19

By Kelly Osment

After seeing a band for the eighth time, you would think that would be more than enough for one lifetime. Well, you would be wrong. This is how I found myself in the heart of Atlanta, right in the middle of Friday evening traffic, all to see one band for the ninth time.

Upon first discovering Vinyl Theatre, I was impressed by their energy and the fun sound of the tunes they played. After the second, third, fourth time and so on, I was even more impressed by the hard work and dedication they carved into each performance. Then there I was, ready to see them once again.

As a concert photographer, one can rarely count on venue lighting to bring good photos, especially for smaller venues. Knowing that, you can imagine how ecstatic I was when the production team rolled LED lighting onto Terminal West’s stage for Vinyl Theatre’s set. From great lighting, to new amps featuring the VT logo, a quirky intro, and a new song on the setlist, Vinyl Theatre rolled out all the stops for this tour.

While the band may now be a trio, and Josh Pothier will be missed, the band has not let the loss of a member slow them down. In the statement released recently, the band stated they had been preparing for the change well before the bassist left, and it shows. The feel of the show was not affected in the least, and the dedication and performance of an old song in memory of a band mate was as heartwarming as it was energetic.

As a fan for over two years, and a dedicated concert goer, I can definitely say that the band has grown in more ways than one, and I can only see bigger things in Vinyl Theatre’s future. They are seriously the ones to watch. If you haven’t had the chance to catch them on tour thus far, luckily for you it just started, so you have plenty of time to treat yourself. Head to their website to see more dates, check out their music, and find yourself a new band to love.


1 comment on “LIVE PHOTOS: Vinyl Theatre // Atlanta, GA – February 19

  1. Good stuff! Been loving some VT lately 🙂


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