ALBUM REVIEW: Like Pacific // Distant Like You Asked

By Kristina Balboa


Like Pacific is a punk rock band made up of five guys who smashed through the music scene fairly recently. Their new album, Distance Like You Asked, has roared a ton of anticipation on Twitter as well as the rest of the internet.

Happy to inform, it’s finally out!

Distance Like You Asked was released earlier today! Before this album, I hadn’t even heard of the band Like Pacific. Obviously, I’ve been deprived.

Like Pacific can be best described as an upbeat-yet-somewhat-angry punk band that’ll surly stand out from the overplayed music on the radio.

This album includes ten songs that are nothing like you’ve ever heard! The first track, “Richmond”, will likely catch you off guard with its fast speaking beginning. A slice of advice: check your volume before you press play.

The second track “Distance” is where the album gets its title and has a slightly different sound than the others. “22a” is probably my personal favorite for the chorus alone. “Chine Drive”, is sure to get you jumping and “Scarred” will get your heart bumping.

If you’re not as obsessed with “Hang” then I’m sorry, we can’t be friends. Other songs include “Worthless Case”, “Assisted Breathing”, “Commitment”, and “Dim”.

If you’re a first time listener then you’ll love this album, it’s a great place to start. I would ten out of ten recommend this band and this album to anyone looking to shake up their playlist.

To learn more about Like Pacific or to check out their new album Distance Like You Asked checkout their social media handles below:

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