The Rocket Summer Releases New Song via Substream

Bryce Avary, lead man of The Rocket Summer has given the fans yet another song from his upcoming album Zoetic. The Rocket Summer and Substream have joined forces in releasing “Cold War” for fans all around to listen.

Check out the song NOW on Substreams website, here, and let us know what you think!!

Zoetic will be released February 26. Information on purchasing the album, special bundles, or tour dates and tickets can be found here.

“I’d heard of these famous mystery lights that Marfa is known for my whole life and couldn’t wait to see them. I stopped at a viewing center along with around 50 other people trying to catch a glimpse of these lights. There was a red tower blinking in time in the distance that people were trying to convince themselves was one of these mystery orbs. It was all kind of disappointing. I looked up at the sky and saw the most brilliant sea of stars I’d ever seen and was so awestruck that I decided to lie down on the concrete and just stare at the sky, taking it all in. It was so wildly beautiful. Surrounded with people yearning to see these lights yet not acknowledging this gift that was right in front of us seemed appropriate and all too familiar to what was going on in my own life. That feeling of what you want vs what you need. The song is about that tension between my heart and my mind; when your soul is at war with itself.”, says Avary.

Keep up with The Rocket Summer on social media pages, below:

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