LIVE PHOTOS: ROAM and Handguns // Atlanta – December 8


Handguns and Roam hit the road on their co-headlining tour in November.  The tour extends until December 19th, so with 9 days left, I finally was able to drive down to Atlanta and see what all the fuss was about. Hailing from Baltimore, Handguns are as pop-punk as they come. Their tour mates, ROAM, come all the way from the UK, and they made sure to bring their raw energy with them. High energy, crazy crowds, and an unadulterated pop-punk feel is exactly what I discovered. Handguns was able to tear up stages along the US accompanied by their new record, Disenchanted, released on November 13th. Roam is set to release their debut album Backbone, out January 22nd on Hopeless Records.

See more tour dates here.
Buy Disenchanted by Handguns here.
Pre-order Backbone by ROAM here.

See the official music video for ROAM’s song “Deadweight [feat. Matt Wilson]” off the upcoming album here.

Stay updated with each band on their twitters below:


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