By: Emilee Aldridge

Release Date: October 23, 2015

It is out, and ready for the world to hear! This past Friday, pop-funk newbies, DNCE, released their first EP, SWAAY. Branding themselves as “Your New Favorite Band”, this foursome has given DNCE a heavy weight to prove themselves to the public. After listening to SWAAY, it appears that DNCE are on track to doing just that.

The EP kicks off with the band’s electrifying first single, Cake By The Ocean. DNCE, fronted by Joe Jonas, first captivated listeners with the high energy tune inspired by the popular adult beverage, sex on the beach. Because this song is so invigorating, I was a little worried that the rest of the EP would not be able to measure up to the high expectations I had for DNCE.

As Pay My Rent and Toothbrush blared through my headphones, I remembered that this was not Jonas’ first rodeo, and my fear for disappointment seemed to fade away. Pay My Rent is another jam that would most certainly bring live crowds to their feet. The beginning of the song teases funk elements that we hope DNCE will dive into a little more when the time comes to release a full length album. There is a shift in mood when Toothbrush creates a slower, sexier vibe that deviates from the high energy party tunes that preceded it. Though Toothbrush slowed things down a bit, the song was able to bring a more seductive and enticing element to the mix.

DNCE closes out the EP with kazoo-featured love song, Jinx. It is not hard to imagine that many listeners will be able to gravitate towards this song and the fragile beginnings of a new relationship.

SWAAY as a whole, is a very impressive first release from DNCE. As the EP progresses, the intensity of SWAAY seems to decrease with each song. However, this is not necessarily a negative thing. The different levels of animation allow fans and critics to see that DNCE is more than one dimension. Vowing to become “Your New Favorite Band” is a bold move, but SWAAY shows that DNCE has the power and chops to do so.

Snag SWAAY here, and stay in touch with DNCE below:

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