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ALBUM REVIEW: One OK Rock // 35XXXV Deluxe Edition

By Kristina Balboa


ONE OK ROCK is a rock band straight out of Japan that has been making music since 2005! The boys of ONE OK ROCK had recently played a few shows overseas with an on the rise, U.S. band, Twenty One Pilots. Furthermore these rock stars will begin touring this fall with All Time Low and Sleeping with Sirens.

The band released their latest album 35XXXV in February, and had just signed with Warner Bros. Records to release their first ever U.S. debut album, 35XXXV DELUXE EDITION, which drops today (September 25th, 2015)!

Their sound is quite something to admire. They play very upbeat rock and alternative styled music for the most part. While listening these songs you can already imagine yourself jumping all around.

Although each song on the album averages three and a half minutes, a few seem to end too soon. It’s almost as if it ends just as you begin to follow the beat. With that being said these songs are just long enough to make you want to get up and move, but not too long that you are bored by the time you finish the song.

Each song echoes a sense of originality. The first few songs practically force you on your feet as to where Heartache plays more of a mellow sound that makes you feel like swaying from left to right.

Other songs such as Decision (feat, Tyler Carter), Good Goodbye, and Fight the Night all carry through a slower tempo without taking away any of the potential of the instrumentation. Take Me to the Top, Suddenly, One By One, and Stuck in the Middle take a different approach and start very sudden. These song almost surprise you with a quick start but these are also the songs that are sure to improve your mood.

The song Paper Planes (feat. Kellin Quinn) is sure to be a knock-out with teens and young adults as it portrays the idea of a life anthem for people who are angry at the world for trying to shape the person they should be.

What’s different between the original album and the deluxe version is that the songs Last Dance and The Way Back are both songs that were not on the early February release of 35XXXV.

ONE OK ROCK uses the perfect mix of hardcore rock and slow jams to create a deluxe edition album nothing like what we have heard before. Available now on iTunes:

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