Possible Chance for New Music From Anabor?

Anarbor Banner

Since the release of Burnout in 2013, pop-rock band Anarbor hasn’t been to active in the music scene or released any new music. However, in the past few weeks their twitter page has been a little bit more active. Does this mean what fans of Anabor hope it means?! “I don’t think we’ve figured that part out yet,” Echeverria admits about the potential lineup for a new album.

Slade Echeverria (front man of Anabor and current front man of WLFPCK) and Greg Garrity, have been posting a few in-studio video clips to the bands twitter.

Nothing is set in stone… yet, but it definitely looks like the possibility is there.  “[We’re] just testing the waters, seeing what’s going on. Everything we’ve done so far sounds really good so I’m really excited… I’m not sure if we’ll release the demos super-soon, but I’ll definitely keep posting on Facebook and Twitter and stuff.”

Though fans have speculated that WLFPCK would have to take a break if Anarbor got back together, all we can do at this point is wait to see what happens.

Stay tuned and follow Anarbor on their (newly active) social media pages:

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