ALBUM REVIEW: Kid Runner // Wake Up Now

by: Emilee Aldridge
Kid Runner EP

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Release Date: November 4, 2014

With the continuous growth in the world of social media, discovering new music is essentially at your fingertips. Up-and-coming bands have the opportunity to utilize many different forms of social media as a way to self-release their music. This lets their music be heard and establishes a fanbase. Now, not all bands have the luxury of being able to mass-download their newest album to every iPhone in the world at once, but assorted music-streaming outlets allow bands to make their music more accessible. Alternative-pop quinary, Kid Runner, takes full advantage of these opportunities, taking to different social media to follow up their self-titled debut EP, with their newest EP, Wake Up Now.

Kid Runner begins the EP creating an almost ethereal vibe on the title track, “Wake Up Now”. This track primarily showcases percussive elements, and the the angelic vocalizations of synthstress, Fran Litterski. Next on the EP is, “Thinking Out Loud”. This tune creates a feeling of being able to relax every bodily muscle and simply vibe to the funky electronic sound. Two tracks in, it appears that the utilization of Litterski’s recurring vocalizations will be Kid Runner’s strong suit. It also seems as if the dynamic between Litterski and lead vocalist Drew Lizon will prove itself as a force to be reckoned with.

The EP continues with the soul-searching break up song, a personal favorite, “Breaking Away”. This tune begins with a brilliant and unique focus on piano, xylophone, and drums, which then transforms to a background element as the song continues. With the progression of the song, Lizon’s vocals seem to become stronger and more confident, potentially symbolizing the freedom and empowerment one might feel after a necessary breakup. The line, “getting lost inside the radio” is repeated at various points in this track. This song has so many unique components for fans to easily lose themselves in.

“Killing Me Now” and “Move”, two major standouts, bring an even bigger dance element to the EP in a back-to-back fashion. “Killing Me Now”, a song very reminiscent of “Capes” from Kid Runner’s debut EP, begins with the quiet electronic title repetition of Litterski. As the song evolves, a slight guitar feature comes into focus while the vibe seems to grow stronger and the music gets louder. In between chanting and an electronic ambience, fans will definitely be able to groove. “Move” begins with the celestial vocalizations of Litterski and a very strong feature of synthesizers and percussion. This song is a prime example of how well Litterski’s and Lizon’s vocals blend together.

The final track on the EP is “Higher”, which does an excellent job of fusing both airy and electronic sounds. As the song progresses, there are so many different elements thrown around. Normally, this would seem cluttered and disorganized, but somehow, Kid Runner is able to hone in on each individual element to make it come together effortlessly and seamlessly.

Wake Up Now is an impeccable follow-up to the self-titled Kid Runner debut. With songs you can groove to and lose yourself in, Kid Runner is indubitably a band that should be on your radar. In a genre like alternative pop, which is unlikely to stop growing any time soon, it can be hard for a band to establish themselves. From their debut to their current energizing EP, Columbus-based, Kid Runner continues to prove themselves to be worth a listen or two.

Stay in touch with Kid Runner below:


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